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Semester II, 2013-2014
(Version current as of 4/1/14)

PLEASE NOTE: This directory will be updated regularly as new information becomes available. VACANCY-APFA indicates that the position is filled pending faculty approval at the next regular faculty meeting.

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Faculty Officers

Faculty Officers | Faculty Forum Officers

Standing Committees of the Faculty

Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) | Tenure, Promotion and Appointments Committee (TPAC) | Academic Priorities Committee (APC) | Committee on Faculty Equity and Diversity (CFED)| Grievance (Committee on) | University Resources Committee (URC) | Honorary Degrees (Advisory Committee on) | Medical Faculty Executive Committee (MFEC) | Medical Faculty Appointments (CMFA) (Committee on) | Corporate Responsibility in Investment Policies (Advisory Committee on) | Nominations (Committee on) | Faculty Retirement (Committee on)

Councils and Committees for the Curriculum

College Curriculum Council (CCC) | Graduate Council | Academic Code (Standing Committee on the) | Academic Standing (CAS) (Committee on) | Commencement Speakers (Committee on)

Administrative Advisory Boards

Campus Life Advisory Board | Campus Planning Advisory Board | College Advisory Board | Information-Technology Advisory Board | Diversity Advisory Board | Human Resources Advisory Board | Library Advisory Board | Research Advisory Board

Other Committees
Student Conduct Board | Brown University Community Council

Faculty Officers

Chair of the Faculty/FEC: R. Iris Bahar (Engineering)

Vice-Chair of the Faculty/FEC: James Morone (Political Science/Urban Studies)

Past Chair of the Faculty/FEC: Mary Louise Gill (Philosophy)

Secretary of the Faculty: Stephen Foley (English)

Parliamentarian: Peter D. Richardson (Engineering and Physiology)


Chair of the Faculty Forum: Dietrich Neumann (History of Art & Architecture)

Secretary of the Faculty Forum: Lynne DeBenedette (Slavic Languages)

Standing Committees of the Faculty

Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)

Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays (3:00-5:00 PM)
Committee charge

Chair: R. Iris Bahar (Engineering)

Vice Chair: James Morone (Political Science/Urban Studies)

To June 30, 2014: Peter Monti (Behavioral & Social Sciences), Mary Louise Gill (Philosophy) Past Chair, Marida Hollos (Anthropology) (for Seth Rockman)

To June 30, 2015: R. Iris Bahar (Engineering), James Allen (Egyptology/Ancient Western Asian Studies), Seth Rockman (History/Ethnic Studies) (leave Sem II), Ana Tuya Fulton (Medicine), John Stein (Neuroscience)

To June 30, 2016: James Morone (Political Science/Urban Studies), Anna Aizer (Economics/Public Policy), Massimo Riva (Italian Studies)

Ex-officio voting member: (MFEC member)

Staffed by: Cheryl Moreau (Manager, Office of Faculty Governance)

Tenure, Promotion and Appointments Committee (TPAC)

Meets weekly on Wednesdays (1:00-3:00 p.m.)
Committee charge

Chair: Ken Sacks (History)

To June 30, 2014: Leslie Bostrom (Visual Art), Steven Reiss (Computer Science), William Warren (Cognitive Linguistic & Psychological Sciences), Ken Sacks (History), Douglas Nickel (History of Art & Architecture), Christopher Schmid (Biostatistics) (for Joe Hogan)

To June 30, 2015: VACANCY-APFA (humanities), Diane Lipscombe (Neuroscience), Alex Zaslavsky (Engineering/Physics), Rose McDermott (Political Science)

To June 30, 2016: Walter Strauss (Mathematics), Lina Fruzzetti (Anthropology), Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg (Comparative Literature/Italian Studies), Joseph Hogan (Biostatistics) (leave Sem II)

Academic Priorities Committee (APC)

Meets weekly on Tuesdays (10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.)
Committee charge

Chair: Mark Schlissel, Provost

Vice-Chair: Marc Redfield (English/Comp. Literature)

To June 30, 2014: Marc Redfield (English/Comp. Literature), Tim Harris (History)

To June 30, 2015: Rebecca Burwell (Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences), Andrew Foster (Economics)

To June 30, 2016: John Mustard (Geological Sciences), Kristi Wharton (MCB)

Alternates: John Sedivy (MCB) '14, Tim Harris (History) '15, Marc Tatar (EEB) '15, Shriram Krishnamurthi (Computer Science) '16, Michael Paradiso (Neuroscience) '16

Administrators: Mark Schlissel (Provost), Katherine Bergeron (Dean of the College), Beth Doherty (Sr. Assoc. Provost/Staff), Jack Elias (Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences), Harriette Hemmasi (Univ. Librarian), Joe Meisel (Deputy Provost), Kevin McLaughlin (Dean of the Faculty), David Savitz (VP for Research), Peter Weber (Dean of the Graduate School), Fox Wetle (Dean of Public Health)


Meeting Schedule:
Meets at noon on third Tuesday of each month; additional meetings scheduled as needed.
Committee Charge

Nancy Jacobs (History)

Vice-Chair: Chung-I Tan (Physics)


To June 30, 2014: Andrea Simmons (Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences) Past chair, David Dosa (Health Services Policy and Practice), Kenneth Wong (Education), Joan Richards (History) (for Nancy Jacobs)

To June 30, 2015: Nancy Jacobs (History) (leave Sem II), Eng-Beng Lim (Theatre Arts & Performance Studies), Tayhas Palmore (Engineering)

To June 30, 2016: Chung-I Tan (Physics), Timothy Bewes (English), Mercedes Vaquero (Hispanic Studies) (leave Sem II)

Ex-officio member: Mary Louise Gill (FEC Past Chair)

Liza Cariaga-Lo (Assoc. Provost for Academic Development and Diversity), Kevin McLaughlin (Dean of the Faculty), Michele Cyr (Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs)

Committee on grievance

Meets when Petitions are filed.
Committee charge

Chair: Harvey Silverman (Engineering)

Vice-chair: Evelyn Lincoln (History of Art)

To June 30, 2014: Harvey Silverman (Engineering), Stephen Gatesy (EEB)

To June 30, 2015: Evelyn Lincoln (History of Art), Tamar Katz (English)

To June 30, 2016: Mary Gluck (History/Comparative Literature), Lundy Braun (Pathology/Africana Studies)

Alternates: Caroline Castiglione (Italian Studies) '14, Tara Nummedal (History) '15, Maurice Herlihy (Computer Science) '16

University Resources Committee (URC)

Meets weekly on Mondays (3:00-5:00 p.m.)
Committee Charge

Chair: Mark Schlissel, Provost

Faculty Vice-Chair: Eli Upfal (Computer Science)

Faculty members:

To February 28, 2015: Eli Upfal (Computer Science), Yongsong Huang (Geological Sciences), Nina Tannenwald (Political Science)

To February 28, 2016: David Christensen (Philosophy) (leave Sem I), Pedro Dal Bo (Economics)

To February 28, 2017: Rebecca Page (Molecular & Cell Biology and Biochemistry), Jay Tang (Physics)

Alternates: Gabriel Taubin (Engineering) '15, Pura Nieto Hernandez (Sr. Lect, Classics) '15, Huajian Gao (Engineering) '16, John Logan (Sociology) '16, Marc Tatar (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) '17

Students: Undergraduates: Daniel Pipkin, Abigail Plummer, Stanley Stewart, Gregory Chatzinoff, Jon Vu (alternate) / Graduates: Samuel Franklin, Jonah Leshin / Medical: Justin Glavis-Bloom

Administration: Kevin McLaughlin (Dean of the Faculty), Elizabeth Huidekoper (VP, Finance & Administration), Lindsay Graham, Exec. Dean for Administration, Bio Med Medical Affairs), Russell Carey (Exec. VP for Planning & Policy), Fox Wetle (Dean of Public Health)

Staff Representatives: Amy Carroll (Dir. of Government Relations), Sara Tortora (Dept. Mgr., Physics)

Staffed by: Susan Howitt (Assoc. VP for Budget & Planning), Joe Meisel (Deputy Provost)

Honorary Degrees

Meets 4-5 times during Semester I; meets twice in Semester II.
Committee charge

Co-Chairs: Gilad Barnea (Neuroscience), Kenneth Chay (Economics)

To December 31, 2014:
Charles Carpenter (Medicine), Gerhard Richter (German Studies)

To December 31, 2015:
Gilad Barnea (Neuroscience), Kenneth Chay (Economics), William Suggs (Chemistry)

To December 31, 2016: Susan Dickstein (Psychiatry & HB), Joseph Liu (Engineering)

Students: Undergraduates: Ana Rosenstein, Larry Au / Graduate: Suzanne Enzerink (American Studies)

Staffed by: Leonard Moorehead (Office of Faculty Governance)

Medical Faculty Executive Committee (MFEC)

Meets monthly on the 2nd Monday (8:00-9:30 a.m.)
Committee charge

Chair: Peter Friedmann (Medicine, RI Hospital)

To June 30, 2014: Joseph Bliss (Pediatrics, Women & Infants Hospital), John Donahue (Neurology, RI Hospital), Lance Dworkin (Medicine, RI Hospital), Paul George (Family Medicine, Memorial Hospital of RI), Brittany Star Hampton (Ob/Gyn, Women & Infants Hospital), Michelle Mellion (Neurology, RI Hospital), Melissa Nothnagle (Family Medicine, Memorial Hospital of RI), Selim Suner (Emergency Medicine, RI Hospital)

To June 30, 2015: Peter Friedmann (Medicine, RI Hospital), Ruhul Abid (Surgery/Research, RI Hospital), Tanya Dailey (Ob/Gyn, Women & Infants), Paul Pirraglia (Medicine, VAMC), Chanika Phornphutkul (Pediatrics, RI Hospital), Audrey Tyrka (Psychiatry & HB, Butler Hospital), Karen Tashima (Medicine, Miriam Hospital)

To June 30, 2016: Jody Rich (Medicine, Miriam Hospital), Curt La France (Psychiatry & HB, VAMC and RI Hospital), Beth Ryder (Surgery, Miriam Hospital), Angelia Caliendo (Medicine, RI Hospital), Eleanor Summerhill (Medicine, Memorial Hospital of RI), Jason Aliotta (Medicine, RI Hospital)

Ex-officio voting member: Ana Fulton (FEC member)

Committee on Medical Faculty Appointments (CMFA)

Meets approx. 10 times during the AY on Tuesdays, 8:15 a.m.
Committee charge

Chair: Michele Cyr (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs)

To June 30, 2014: Russell Church (Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences), Carole Jenny (Pediatrics), Stephen Helfand (MCB), Susan Miller (Community Health)

To June 30, 2015: Eugene Charniak (Computer Science), Beth Bock (Psychiatry & Human Behavior (Research), Braden C. Fleming (Orthopaedics/Engineering), Murray Resnick (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine)

To June 30, 2016: VACANCY, Patricia Flanagan (Pediatrics, Hasbro Children's Hospital)

Advisory Committee on Corporate Responsibility in Investment Policies

Meets twice in Semester I; more frequently in Semester II.
Committee charge

To June 30, 2014: Vazira Zamindar (History)

To June 30, 2015: Christopher Bull (Engineering), Chair

To June 30, 2016: Michael Satlow (Judaic Studies)

Students: Undergraduates: Daniel Moraff, Ian Truppin/ Graduate: Sara Mathiesen (Amer. Studies)

Alumni members: Stanley Griffith '68, David Muller '81, Marie Langlois '64

Nominations Committee

Meets as needed in Semester I; more frequently Semester II.
Committee charge

Chair: Vincent Mor (Health Services)

Vice-Chair: William Simmons (Anthropology)

To June 30, 2014: Vincent Mor (Health Services, Policies & Practice), Julie Kauer (MPPB), Nathaniel Baum-Snow (Economics)

To June 30, 2015: William Simmons (Anthropology), David Lowe (Physics), Jack Wands (Medicine)

To June 30, 2016: Elsa Amanatidou (Classics), Eric Chason (Engineering), Paul Phillips (Music)

Meets monthly.
Committee charge

Chair: Chi-Ming Hai (MPPB)
Committee on Faculty Reti
To June 30, 2014: John Hermance (Geological Sciences), Chi-Ming Hai (MPPB)

To June 30, 2015: VACANCY, Barrett Hazeltine (Engineering)

To June 30, 2016: Walter Feldman (Visual Art), Herbert Fried (Physics)

Councils and Committees for the Curriculum


Meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month (4:00-6:00 p.m.)
Committee charge

Chair: Margaret Klawunn (Interim Dean of the College)

Vice-Chair: Nidia Schumacher (Hispanic Studies)

To June 30, 2014: VACANCY (social sciences), Chi-Ming Hai (MPPB), Li-Qiong Wang (Chemistry)

To June 30, 2015: Nidia Schumacher (Hispanic Studies), Dmitri Feldman (Physics)

To June 30, 2016: David Paine (Engineering), Naoko Shibusawa (History), Robert Patrick (Neuroscience)

Administrators: Robert Fitzgerald (Registrar), Christopher Dennis (Deputy Dean of the College), Marjorie Thompson (Associate Dean of Biological Sciences), Janet Blume (Associate Dean of the Faculty), Janet Blume (Associate Dean of the Faculty)

Students: Undergraduates: Roxanne Alaghband '15, William Gregory '16, Taylor Lanzet '15, Giuliano Marostica '15/ Graduate: Mitchell Parks

Graduate Council

Meets once a month on the 3rd Tuesday, 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Committee charge

Chair: Peter Weber, Dean of the Graduate School

Vice Chair: Joan Richards (History)

To June 30, 2014: Alison DeLong (MCB), John Steele (Egyptology)

To June 30, 2015: Paul Guyer (Philosophy), Bill Patterson (Engineering), Joan Richards (History)

To June 30, 2016: Marcus Spradlin (Physics), Ross Cheit (Political Science), Thomas Trikalinos (Health Services, Policy and Practice)

Graduate Students: Matteo Riondato, Ben Raymond, Lindsay Goss, Scott Herrick

standing committee on the academic code

Meets when hearings are scheduled.
Committee charge

Chair: Stephen Foley (English)

Case Administrator: Christopher Dennis (Deputy Dean of the College)

To June 30, 2014: Shriram Krishnamurthi (Computer Science), Stephen Foley (English)

To June 30, 2015: Stephanie Ravillon (French Studies), Selim Suner (Emergency Medicine)

To June 30, 2016: Gregory Elliott (Sociology), Dominique Michaud (Epidemiology)

Academic Standing (CAS)

Meets approximately 11 times per year.
Committee charge

Chair: Christopher Dennis (Deputy Dean of the College)

To June 30, 2014: Janet Blume (Engineering), Stephen Foley (English)

To June 30, 2015: Lynne deBenedette (Slavic Languages)

To June 30, 2016: Thom Doeppner (Computer Science)

Administrators: Katherine Bergeron (Dean of the College), Robert Fitzgerald (Registrar), Kathleen McSharry (Associate Dean of the College), Carol Cohen (Associate Dean of the College)

Commencement Speakers

Meets twice a year.
Committee charge

Chair: Zachary Sng (German Studies)

To June 30, 2014: George Kenna (Alcohol & Addiction Studies), Adam Teller (Judaic Studies)

To June 30, 2015: Barbara Tannenbaum (Theatre & Performance Studies) (leave AY 2013-14)

Administrative Advisory Boards

As needed, senior administrators shall create administrative advisory boards consisting of faculty, and as appropriate, students and staff. For a board to be recognized and approved by the Faculty, the senior administrator to whom the board reports must seek approval from the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) of an appropriate description of the board for inclusion into the Faculty Rules and Regulations. Board Chairs shall be a senior administrator and the Vice-Chair shall be a faculty member.

Faculty members are either appointed by the senior administrator with advice from the FEC or are nominated by the FEC in consultation with the senior administrator and elected by the Faculty, either at a Faculty meeting or by mail ballot.

Campus Life Advisory Board

Meets a least twice per semester.
Board charge

Chair: Margaret Klawunn, Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services

Faculty Vice-Chair: Neha Raukar (Emergency Medicine)

Faculty Members:

To June 30, 2014: Jason Machan (Emergency Medicine)

To June 30, 2015: J. Timmons Roberts (Sociology), Kiri Miller (Music), Neha Raukar (Emergency Medicine)

Administrators: Natalie Basil (Dir., Residential Experience), Brian Walton (Assoc. Dean, Finance & Admin.), Sarah Fraser (Assoc. Athletic Director), Kelly Garrett (Coordinator, LGBTQ Resource Ctr), Christopher Dennis (Deputy Dean of the College), Josh Segui (Asst. Dir., Co-Curricular Initiatives, Third World Ctr), Maria Suarez (Assoc. Dean of Student Life)

Students: Undergraduates: Adam Bouche, Christopher Le/ Medical: Mohammad Elsayed/ Graduates: David Stout, Graham Hardt

Campus Planning Advisory Board

Meets 2-3 times per semester.
Board charge

Chair: Rod Beresford, Associate Provost

Faculty Vice-Chair: Mark Johnson (MCB)

Faculty members:

To June 30, 2014: Karen Fischer (Geological Sciences), Todd Winkler (Music), Mark Johnson (MCB)

To June 30, 2015: Savvas M. Koushiappas (Physics), Don Operario (Behavioral & Social Sciences)

Ex-officio members: Michael McCormick (Asst. VP Planning, Design and Construction), Steve Maiorisi (VP for Facilities Mgt.), Clifford Resnick (Director of Planning)

Students: Undergraduate: Peter Johnson/ Graduate: John Swadley/ Medical: Jack Cossman

 Staff: Catherine Axe (Director of Disability Support Services), Peter Neivert (Planetary Data Center Coordinator)

Information-Technology Advisory Board

Meets at least once a month.
Board charge

Chair: Ravi Pendse (Vice President and Chief Information Officer/CIS)

Faculty Vice-Chair: Steve Lubar (American Studies)

Faculty Members:

To June 30, 2014: Steve Lubar (American Studies), Amanda Lynch (Geological Studies), Benjamin Kimia (Engineering)

December 31, 2014: Wendy Schiller (Political Science)

To June 30, 2015: Jane Sokolosky (German Studies), Meera Viswanathan (Comparative Literature)

To June 30, 2016: 2 vacancies

Administration: John Spadaro (Dir., Technical Architecture & Outreach), Catherine Zabriskie (Dir., Academic Technology Services), Geoff Greene (Dir., IT Support Services / Ex-officio members: Harriette Hemmasi (University Librarian), Scott Thacher (Dir., Information Technology), Jaime Combariza (Exec. Dir, Computation & Vizualization Ctr.), Rod Beresford (Assoc. Provost)

Staff: Jeffrey Hiris (Systems Manager, Bio-Med Gerentology), Darlene Williamson (Mgr., Business and Communications/Facilities Mgt.), Wendy Drexler (Dir., Online Development)

Students: Undergraduates: Connor Shinn, Benjamin Vishny/ Graduates: Valay Shah, Andrew Lison/ Medical: Rahul Banerjee, Jovian Yu, Alexander Merritt, Stanford Tran, Dan Ebner

Diversity Advisory Board

Meets once a month.
Board charge

Chair: Liza Cariaga-Lo (Associate Provost for Academic Development and Diversity)

Faculty Vice-Chair: Pura Nieto Hernandez

Faculty Members:

To June 30, 2014: Elena Oancea (MPPB), Pura Nieto Hernandez (Classics)

To June 30, 2015: 2 VACANCIES

Administrators: Margaret Klawunn (VP for Campus Life & Student Services)

Staff: Christopher Gilbody (Financial Aid), Natasha Go (Admissions)

Students: Undergraduates: Brian Kundinger, Destin Sisemore, Rachel Leiken, Efe Cudjoe/ Graduates: Brian Horton, Eric James / Medical: Samantha DeAndrade, Hannah Janeway

Appointment Diversity Administrators: Mary Grace Almandrez (Director, Third World Center), Wendy McRae-Owoeye (Director, Staff Diversity), Catherine Axe (Director, Disability Support Services), R. David Collidge (Muslim Chaplain of the University), Gail Cohee (Director, Sarah Doyle Women's Center), Jabbar Bennett (Asst Dean of Recruiting & Professional Development), Janet Cooper-Nelson (University Chaplain), Maitrayee Bhattacharyya (Assoc. Dean for Diversity Programs), Myra Llwanag (Director, Regional & Multicultural Programs)

Human Resources Advisory Board

Meets the third Thursday of the month, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Board charge

Chair: Karen Davis, Vice President for Human Resources

Faculty Vice-Chair: Linda Resnick (Health Services, Policy & Practice)

Faculty members:

To June 30, 2014: Linda Resnick (Health Services, Policy & Practice), VACANCY

To June 30, 2015: Robert Pelcovits (Physics), Clyde Briant (Engineering)

Administration: Beverly Ledbetter (Vice President & General Counsel), Drew Murphy (Director of Benefits) ex-officio

Staff: Kathleen Bennett (Alcohol & Addiction Studies), Lisa Gallant-Stanzione (Advancement-Vice President's office), Kelly Garrett (Sarah Doyle Women's Ctr), Ann Hoffman (Dining Services), David Rollins (CIS), Alfred Tente (staff/Chemistry)

Library Advisory Board

Meets every other month.
Board charge

Chair: Harriette Hemmasi, University Librarian

Faculty Vice-Chair: Ian Dell'Antonio

Faculty Members:

To June 30, 2014: Ian Dell' Antonio (Physics), James Egan (English), Don Operario (Behavioral & Social Sciences)

To June 30, 2015:
Harold Cook (History), Wendy Schiller (Political Science), Kay Warren (Anthropology)

Ex-officio member: Ravi Pendse (Chief Information Officer/CIS)

Administrators: David Banush (Assoc. Univ. Librarian for Access Services), Dan O'Mahony (Sr. Scholarly Resources Librarian), Kathy Takayama (Director, Sheridan Center)

Students: Undergraduates: Peter Kentros, Virginia Twomey/ Graduates: Melissa Katz (History of Art), Malgorzata Fymsza-Pawlowska (Amer. Civilization)

Research Advisory Board

Meets once a month.
Board charge

Senior Administrator and Chair: David Savitz, Vice President for Research

Faculty Vice-Chair: Bjorn Sandstede (Applied Mathematics)

Faculty members:

To June 30, 2015: Sheila Bonde (History of Art & Architecture), Meenakshi Narain (Physics), Kerry Smith (History & East Asian Studies)

To June 30, 2016: Eric Darling (MPPB), Pradeep Guduru (Engineering), Meredith Hastings (Geological Sciences), Jerome Sanes (Neuroscience), Ed Steinfield (Political Science), Tom Trikalinos (Public Health), David Weil (Economics)

Ex-officio members: Ravi Pendse (Chief Information officer/CIS), Rod Beresford (Assoc. Provost), Edward Hawrot (Associate Dean of Biology), Harriette Hemmasi (University Librarian)

Other Committees

Student Conduct Board

Meets monthly for business meetings and as hearings are scheduled; reports to the Corporation.

Committee charge

Case Administrator: J. Allen Ward (Sr. Associate Dean of Student Life)

Chair: The faculty member who hears a case

Faculty: Nancy Barnett (Alcohol & Addiction Studies), Andrew Campbell (MMI), Lewis Seifert (French Studies), Jason Sello (Chemistry), Patricia Sobral (Portuguese & Brazilian Studies), Mercedes Vaquero (Hispanic Studies), Gretchen Schultz (French Studies)

Administration: Gail Cohee (Director, Sarah Doyle Women's Center)

Graduate Deans: John Tyler, Jabbar Bennett, Brian Walton

Undergraduate Deans: Richard Bova, Maitrayee, Maitrayee Bhattacharrya, Mary Greineder, Kathleen McSharry, Karen Sibley, Maria Suarez

Medical Deans: Julianne Ip

Undergraduate Students: Elijah Ben Izzy, Julia Donner, Carol Kim, Abi Kulshreshtha, Alaex Lee Han, Yao Liu, Kiera Peltz, Zachary Rubin, Amy Senia, Elizabeth Turnbull, Rewbecca Zweifler

Graduate Students: Norin Ansari (Bio-Med)

Medical Students: Emily Li

Brown University Community Council

Meets 2-3 times per semester.

Committee charge

Chair: Christina Paxson, President


To June 30, 2014: Thomas Lewis (Religious Studies), Brad Marston (Physics)

To June 30, 2015: Linford Fischer (History), Elizabeth Taylor (English), Richard Bungiro (MMI), Catherine Kerr (Family Medicine)

To June 30, 2016: Vesna Mitrovic (Physics), Steve Lubar (American Studies), Don Operario (Behavioral & Social Sciences), Cesario Bianchi (Surgery)

Administration: Mark Schlissel (Provost)

Cabinet members: Russell Carey (Sr. Vice President for Corporation Affairs & Governance), Margaret Klawunn (VP for Campus Life and Student Services), Marisa Quinn (VP for Public Affairs and University Relations), Kim Roskiewicz (Assistant to the President)

Corporation Member: Paul McNamara '84

Undergraduate Students: Todd Harris, Alexander Krotow, Kiera Peltz, Michael Roh, Alexander Sherry, Jonathan Vu

Graduate Students: Heather Bennett, Keila Davis, Sveta Milusheva

Staff: Sean Debobes, Dawn Goodman, Julianne Hanavan, Beverly Larson, Connie Livingston, Jill Rossi

Alumni: Dan DiPrete, Emily Maranjian, Anita Louise Schell-Lambert, Abbot Stranahan